Community Shop

The Neighbourcare community shop has now

been open for 15 years. It is very well supported

by the people of Andover and the local area.

The aim of the shop was always different to

that of other charity shops by putting any profits

directly back into Andover's community. Anyone

visiting the shop can expect a friendly and warm

welcome from all staff and volunteers.

Donations of all types are welcome including

clothes (please ensure these are freshly laundered), toys, books, music and

household items provided they are in good

saleable condition. Donations can be collected and small items of furniture are acceptable.

At present time we are unable to accept electrical items. Please call 01264 404142 for further information.

Home From Hospital Scheme


Andover Neighbourcare    The Home From Hospital service                                                  provides support for Individuals upon leaving hospital.

 Help can be obtained for:



Call 01264 336020 for further information. The current charges for the home from hospital scheme are available on request.

Transport Services

Andover Neighbourcare provide a range of transport

services for numerous clubs & organisations and the

local community.

The transport service operates to provide the elderly

and disabled of Andover the ideal opportunity to meet

new people and make new friends.

We have minibus outings with seating for 16 passengers.

We are always on the lookout for voluntary drivers to

provide transport for the elderly and disabled to attend hospital appointments and shopping trips. A mileage allowance is provided. Call 01264 404142 for further information.

Hands That Help


Sitting Service

Neighbourcare can provide a sitting service for carers

when they need to go out - just ring 01264 336020.

Current Charges

Sitting or Cleaning £9 per hour

Shopping £9.50 per hour

Light Gardening £9.00 per hour

Heavy Gardening £11 per hour

Transport £6 local return journeys.

Silver Surfers

Andover Neighbourcare


Learn how to use a computer in a friendly atmosphere with free tea and coffee. There are 10 computers with a minimum of 3 volunteers on a one to one basis.

Learn My Way is the online learning website for learners, and it's designed to make getting online easy. It’s perfect for those without basic online skills, or for those looking to improve their existing digital knowledge. The website comprises a series of free online courses, guides and activities, tailored to the individual user based on their needs and abilities.

Up to ten, one and a half hours lessons free

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Domestic Support                                                       

Picking up Prescriptions/Pensions etc                                  

Help with written correspondence                                           

Transport Services                                                



Laundry & Cleaning


Shopping / Collecting

Preparing meals

General wellbeing





 1 Local journeys in Andover will be £7.00

 2 Journeys from villages will increase by £1.00.

 3 Journeys to Salisbury, Winchester, Basingstoke hospitals will no longer be charged.

 4 Southampton and Portsmouth hospitals will also be free.

 5 Southampton eye department have their own transport and budget. However, if we have a driver available we will take our members when possible.

 6 Some local journeys will be subsidised depending on individual circumstances.

 7 The criteria for using our TVBC grant service is as follows:

     Client must be 63 and 64 years old in October. This is in line with the age at which people qualify for a bus pass. Information is available on the Hamphire County Council website.

    They will find difficulty in using public transport

     They may be isolated and needing help

All services are subject to the availability of our drivers and our TVBC budget.

We look forward to continuing to deliver a cost effective service in the coming year

The Hands that Help service provides a low cost cleaning, gardening and shopping service for the elderly and disabled

people in and around the Andover area.

Our Handy Helpers are mature people experienced in running their own homes.

They have been specifically chosen for their caring attitude

and understanding of the specific needs of the elderly and vulnerable. Andover Neighbourcare continues to supply an extremely valuable service from dog walking to paying your household bills or just having someone to talk to. We will try and fulfill any request made. Where necessary a home visit will be made to assess your specific needs.

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