Time Out Club

Time Out Club provides a day care service for people with the first

Stages of Dementia.
This takes place on Thursdays

 from 10.00am - 2.30pm.

(Please note our maximum number of clients for each day open is


Activities include Exercise,  Reminiscence,  Daily News,  Music,  Crafts,

Games & Quizzes, Outings,  Birthday cake on members birthday and a lot more.

The Monday Afternoon Club

The CONNEXIONS Club & Minibus Trips

The Connexions minibus trips always prove

 popular and provide the elderly and disabled

with an ideal opportunity to meet new people

 and make friends. Previous trips have included

 visiting Poole, Weymouth, Oxford and Reading.

We can take 16 people.

For further information or a quotation please call 01264 404142

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Andover Neighbourcare

Clubs And Events

The Monday Afternoon Club, which is held at the  United Reform Church 2.00pm to 4.00pm provides  Tea & Bingo.

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Mini Bus Outings

Destination                                                      Date                       Cost                                   Departure Time  

New Forest Drive & Lunch                    19th October                  £14.00                  Leaving Neigbourcare

(Lunch not Included)                                                                                                     Office  In  Union street

At 10.45am

 Marks & Spencer                                   26th October                 £14.00                    Leaving Neigbourcare

 Hedge End                                                                                                                       Office  In Union street

                                                                                                                                                    At 9.00am

Pub Lunch & Afternoon                        2nd November                £12.00                   Leaving Neigbourcare

in Newbury (Lunch not Included)                                                                                Office  In Union street

                                                                                  At 11.00am

Longacres Garden Centre                     30th November             £14.00                    Leaving Neigbourcare  At Christmas                                                                                                                   Office  In Union street                                                                                                                                                       At 9.30am

Bath Christmas Market                           7th December             £15.00                    Leaving Neigbourcare

over 200 chalets of                                                                                                       Office  In Union street

Christmas gift & food stalls                                                                                                     At 9.00am

Pub Lunch                                                 14th December              £11.00                  Leaving Neigbourcare

& Basingstoke Shopping                                                                                                Office  In Union street (Lunch not included)                                                                                                                At 11.00am   

Reading Shopping                                     11th January 2018       £14.00                 Leaving Neigbourcare

January Sales                                                                                                                   Office  In Union street

                                                                                  At 9.00am

To make a mini bus booking call the office on 01234339899.

Payment should be made at time of booking.

A pick up can be arranged from your home at an extra cost of £2.00 for Town pick ups

Please call the office for Village pick up quotes.

Unless 7 days notice is given of cancellation the full price of the trip will be charged.

Transport phone 01264339899 or 01264404142