Batched is an Acronym for

Baking                  (Cooking)

Arts                       (The application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form                                 such as painting or sculpture,) 

Technique            (How to do things)

Crafts                   (Hobbies)

History                 (Yesteryear)

Exercise               (Keep fit)

Do it yourself       (Hints on doing jobs around the house and garden)

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History: The War of 1812 Documentary

Fleet Admiral Ernest King - Semper Iratus

Native American Indian Chiefs and leaders

Out of Town with Jack Hargreaves episode one

Cook the chicken this way the result is amazing and delicious 

Bob Mortimer Gone Cooking Corned Beef Hash

Cabinetry Basics Part 1 

Glass Top Stove Cleaning Tricks

Easy Rose Flower Making Idea with Woolen 

Improve your Balance in 5 minutes!

Fun Low Impact Exercise For Seniors

Why Britain Never Made Another Harrier Jump Jet 

El Cid - The Story of History's Greatest Knight

10 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Scotland

New Boat Tour -

Come and take a look around our new narrowboat Tiny Home

Fried Egg & Cheese Sandwich

I fell in love! The most yoghurt cake 

Drill Holes in Glass Easily ● Wine Bottles, Mason Jars

( in under a minute ! )

Jobs to do in your garden in June!

Learn How to Photo Transfer with Mod Podge

Home workout for age 70 plus. 

Beat the Virus. Keep fit and stay well

Isolated at home?? Fun 25 minute low impact aerobics for seniors and beginners