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1995 Walt Disney World Happy Easter Parade

2019 Live Easter Concert with The Tabernacle Choir: "He Is Risen

JESUS full movie English version | Good Friday | Passion of the Christ | Holy Saturday | Easter

The Boys in Blue 1982

The Family Next Door (1939) Full Movie

The Sound of Silence | Simon & Garfunkel

(Harp Cover)

The Wednesday Plays: The End of Arthur's Marriage

Top Of The Pops: 11th October 1973

"Goodbye Pandemic Road" - "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" adapted by the Marsh Family

Pieces of Easter (2013) | Full Movie | Christina Marie Karis | Jefferson Moore | Nakia Barney

Guess The Song: 60s! | QUIZ

The Tenderfoot (1964)

I must stop feeling grumpy ,

I know I’m not alone

The days are long and boring

But I really shouldn’t moan

I’m better off than most you see

In a warm and cosy house

A lovely garden in the country

With my boys , my dog, my spouse

Living in a village,

On the outskirts of a town

With parks and many beauty spots

Lovely scenery all around

And when the sun is shining

And the sky is really blue

There’s nothing more I’d rather see

Than this amazing view

I know when I’m back working

In the new normal that will be

I won’t forget the simple things

And the daily things I see

By Sandra Speck


This happened yesterday and is important information for our age group.

A friend had his 2nd dose of the vaccine at the vaccination centre, after which he began to have blurred vision on the way home.

When he got home, he called the vaccination centre for advice and to ask if he should go see a doctor, or be hospitalised.

He was asked to go back to the vaccination centre immediately as he had left his glasses behind !

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