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The Royal Variety Performance 1978

Black Dyke Band - Brass-Gala 2018 (Full Concert)

Thriller - Series 2 - E03 - Kiss Me and Die (With Jenny Agutter)

Dangerous Davies - The Last Detective 


Carpenters in Concert at the New London Theatre - 1976

Hard Times | Full Comedy Movie

The Fab Four - Beatles Tribute Full Concert

Billy Connolly HBO

Strangers When We Meet 1960

The Man Called Noon

The Two Ronnies - The Lost Sketches

Different types of music

I've just joined the Jehovah's Observers...

It's like being a Jehovah's Witness but we don't like to get involved...

One advantage to being colour blind…

You can always finish a Rubiks Cube…

Why is it your feet smell and your nose runs? Shouldn’t it be the other way round?

Lovely message today from my Bank saying " My credit card bill payments are outstanding" Had to reply "Thanks for the compliment"